Our Business

Total Cleanliness, Our Concern Is Our Positional Statement

As a modern, innovative company of responsibility for people and the environment we are aware of. For over the years we have been protected by proactive action in the satisfaction of customer needs and optimization of our products.

The responsible use of resources, a perfect energy and resource efficiency, and climate and environmental protection we see as a major challenge of our time and even now as an indispensable investment in the future safety of our company and our society.

The experts in our own business work daily with the utmost care to the compatibility of effectiveness, environmental impact and sustainability. This enables us constantly and with great success, as products from Becker chemistry will not only meet the strict requirements of the legislature, we often exceed the targets set out requirements on their own initiative or put themselves promising new yardsticks.

Corporate Policy

We strive for as a company to be a competent partner for our customers. We want to build and maintain, based on partnership-behavior is a long-standing partnership with our customers. We want to retain our customers by our corporate values such as reliability, flexibility and constant product quality and delivery to us.

The cooperation with our customers is characterized by equal and trusting relationship. We communicate openly with our customers to complicated influences on our business to be able to make it understandable. We consider our dedicated employees as part of our intended business success. Of course, we are committed to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Our integrated management system, based on a process-oriented approach with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we allow the implementation of the aspects listed above.