Our values are very important to us as a company. They guide how we relate to our clients and our employees and these will continue to guide our business so as to deliver Value for our clients with utmost Efficiency. And these constitute the ethical and moral issues.  

These will drive Mega Clear Limited to the achievements of its mission and vision.

PROFESSIONALISM - MEGA CLEAR LIMITED is committed to professionalism to the core, effective team work and unbeatable product delivery to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

COMMUNICATION – highest level of detail-Giving a thorough detail in communication between our outfit and our customers to ensure clear cut understanding. 

TEAM-BASED APPROACH – Our team cooperates with our customers right through from deliberating various options, understanding your budgets, negotiating prices to final purchasing decision made.

MARKETING DISCIPLINE- ensures long standing trust and respect with our customers

INDEPENDENCE- Creates responsiveness and responsibility

TRANSPARENCY & INTEGRITY- We ran an open and clean corporate body with respect to core organizational ethics. No shady dealing with our customers.

SERVICE - We recognize that our primary business is to serve our customers in the very best way we can. This we see as a corporate duty rendered eagerly with humility and will take precedence over all other things.

EXCELLENCE – At Mega Clear Limited, we understand the virtues in striving for excellence. We appreciate that excellence begets high quality performance and ultimately significant profitability. Through excellence, we seek to satisfy our clients, our employees and other stakeholders.


RELIABILITY - Our commitment to deliver on our promises to our customers and employees at all times is not only mere words - It is real, dependable and unfailing.